Established in 2012, NAUTILUS PACIFIC MARITIME TRAINING CENTER INC was conceived to provide and deliver quality training for the Filipino seafarers.
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NPMTCI firmly believes in value formation of a world class seafarer though high standards of training and education.
Reflective of its pioneering and innovative spirit, NPMTCI distinguished itself among the most trusted maritime training center in the country being the first to offer training program using the most advance Engine Simulator available in the market today
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Cargo Handling and Operation Assessment and Evaluation Program
Feb 22, 2021

The Shipping industry depends on competent, well-trained seafarers to ensure safety of life at sea, maritime security, efficiency of navigation and protection and preservation of the marine environment.

In order to help and assist the Maritime Shipping Industry, Nautilus is now providing an assessment and evaluation program that will guide seafarers to their career advancement. The said program is applicable to deck officers particularly;

1. Deck Officers for Promotion
2. Newly Hired Deck Officers
3. Deck Officers Retention / Refresher

This program has the following key areas of evaluation:
1. Cargo Handling and stowage at the Operational level / Management Level
2. Controlling the Operation of the Ship
3. Safety aspects of Cargo Handling and Cargo Operations

The program provides a systematic basis for making inference about the learning and development of seafarer trainees in the above-mentioned areas. It is the process of assessment and performance evaluation to assess trainees learning and development in preparation to their future career advancement.