Established in 2012, NAUTILUS PACIFIC MARITIME TRAINING CENTER INC was conceived to provide and deliver quality training for the Filipino seafarers.
State of the art TRANSAS Engine Simulator fully integrated with TRANSAS Bridge Simulator 5000NT PRO
NPMTCI firmly believes in value formation of a world class seafarer though high standards of training and education.
Reflective of its pioneering and innovative spirit, NPMTCI distinguished itself among the most trusted maritime training center in the country being the first to offer training program using the most advance Engine Simulator available in the market today
State of the art TRANSAS Liquid Simulator fully integrated with TRANSAS Bridge and Engine Simulator


Updated as of September 28, 2020                                                                                                            Ms. Florence Galivo-Marketing Officer

  No. Code Courses Abbr.
1 SW001 Advanced Training for Ships Operating in the Polar Waters ATSOPW
2 SW002 Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations  ATCT
3 SW003 Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations ATOT
4 SW004 Advanced Training in Fire Fighting ATFF
5 SW005 Advanced Training in Fire Fighting Refresher ATFF Ref.
6 SW006 Basic Training (Emergency First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques,      
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, Personal  Safety & Social Responsibility)
7 SW007 Basic Training (Refresher/Updating)   BTRU
8 SW008 Basic Training Updating   BTU
9 SW009 Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat  PSCRB
10 SW010 Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat (Refresher)   PSCRB REF.
11 SW011 Rating Forming Part of Engineering Watch (EWK)  RFPEW
12 SW012 Ratings Forming Part of Navigational Watch(DWK)  RFPNW
13 SW013 Ship Security Officers SSO
  No. Code Courses Abbr.
1 EC001 ChartWorld eGlobe G2 CWEG2C
2 EC002 Consilium ECDIS G2 CEG
3 EC003 Ecdis Specific Navigator Intermarine ECDIS 7.1.0.x IME
4 EC004 JRC JAN-9201(S)/7201(S) JRC9201
5 EC005 JRC JAN-901B/901M/701B/2000 JRC901
6 EC006 Simrad E5024 SIMRAD
7 EC007 Simrad Maris 900/MK5/MK15 MARIS
8 EC008 Wartsila NaviSailor 4000 by Transas Wartsila Voyage TRANSAS
  No. Code Courses Abbr.
1 EO001 ChartBrowser Chartworld CB
2 EO002 ChartWorld eGlobe G2 CWEG2
3 EO003 Consilium ECDIS ("Selesmar" ECDIS) CES
4 EO004 Consilium ECDIS G2 CEG2
5 EO005 Consilium S-ECDIS (Standard-ECDIS) CSE
6 EO006 Danelec Ecdis  DAN
7 EO007 Ecdis Furuno FMD 3100/3200/3300 (With Instructor) FFMD
8 EO008 Imtech SeaGuide / Ecdis 2000 IMTECH
9 EO008 JRC JAN 9201(S)/7201(S) JRC9201
10 EO008 JRC JAN-901B/901M/701B/2000 JRC901
11 EO011 Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital Ecdis KHM
12 EO012 Martek Marine iECDIS MARTEK
13 EO013 Ng Sperry Marine VisionMaster Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine SPERRY
14 EO014 ORCA Master G2 Seven Cs ORCA
15 EO015 Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis Ecdis NX RAS NX
16 EO016 Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis Ecdis 24 RAS 24
17 EO017 Simrad E5024 SIMRAD
18 EO018 Simrad Ecdis Maris 900/MK5/MK15 MARIS
19 EO019 Tokyo Keiki EC 8000/8500/8100-8600 Series TKK
20 EO020 Totem Ecdis Specific TOTEM
21 EO021 Wartsila Sam Electronics ChartPilot 1100/9330 Multipilot 1000/1100 SAM
22 EO022 Wartsila Sam Electronics EcdisPilot Platinum/Basic Multipilot Platinum SAMEP
23 EO023 Wartsila NaviSailor 4000 by Transas Wartsila Voyage TRANSAS
  No. Code Courses Abbr.
1 IH001 Accident/Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis AIRCA
2 IH002 ARPA, Bridge Teamwork & Search & Rescue RABTSAR
3 IH003 Ballast Water Management Familiarization Convention 2004  BWM
4 IH004 Ballast Water Treatment System "New" (Available 23/9) BTWS
5 IH005 Basic Training for Ships Operating in the Polar Waters  BTSOPW
6 IH006 Basic Electronics BE
7 IH007 Basic Operations in Log Carriers  BOLC
8 IH008 Behavior Based Safety "New" BBS
9 IH009 Benefit Software Training  (7 Online Modules) BST
10 IH010 Bilge Waste Oil Management BWO
11 IH011 Bridge Resource Management BRM
12 IH012 Bridge Team Management BTM
13 IH013 Bunkering Operation and Procedures BOP
14 IH014 Cargo Care & Handling CACH
15 IH015 Chart Correction CC
16 IH016 Chemical Tanker Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator CTCBHS
17 IH017 Coal Cargo Handling  CCH
18 IH018 Collision Avoidance CA
19 IH019 Company/Ship Security Officer CSSO
20 IH020 Crude Oil Washing and Inert Gas System  COWIGS
21 IH021 Dangerous Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes  DHHC
22 IH022 Digital Nautical Publication Course  ADP
23 IH023 Electro-Pneumatics & Hydraulics EPH
24 IH024 Electo-Technology ET
25 IH025 Enclosed Space and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices ESEEBD
26 IH026 Energy Conservation and Slow Steaming ECSS
27 IH027 Engine Resource Management ERM
28 IH028 Engine Room Simulator ERS
29 IH029 Engine Room Safety Awareness ERSA
30 IH030 Engine Room Simulator with Engine Resource Management ERSERM
31 IH031 Explosion Proof Equipment & Maintenance EPEM
32 IH032 Framo Pump FRA
33 IH033 Free Fall Lifeboat Coxswain  FFLC
34 IH034 Free Fall Lifeboat Familiarization  FFLF
35 IH035 Gas Measurement and Tank Atmosphere Evaluation GMTAE
36 IH036 Grain Cargo Care & Handling GCCH
37 IH037 Hazardous Material Training Course 
(In compliance w/ US DOT Regulations)
38 IH038 Ice Navigation  IN
39 IH039 IMO Global Sulphur Cap 2020 IGSC
40 IH040 IMO Model Course 6.09  IMO 6.09
41 IH041 IMO Model Course 6.10   IMO 6.10
42 IH042 International Safety Management Code ISM
43 IH043 International Standard Organization ISO 9001-2015  ISO
44 IH044 Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator Course LCHS
45 IH045 Management of Change  MC
46 IH046 Management of Change and Maritime Leadership MCML
47 IH047 Marine Environment Protection Legislation VGP ISO 14001 MEP
48 IH048 Marine Fuel Efficiency Management MFEM
49 IH049 Marine Instrumentation & Automation MIA
50 IH050 Marine Pollution Prevention MPP
51 IH051 Marine Refrigeration & Airconditioning MRFAC
52 IH052 Marine Risk Assessment MRA
53 IH053 Maritime Cyber Security Awareness Course MCSAC
54 IH054 Maritime Labour Convention 2006 MLC
55 IH055 Maritime Leadership ML
56 IH056 Maritime Leadership & Teamwork  IMO 1.39 MLT
57 IH057 Maritime Leadership, Teamwork and Cultural Diversity MLTCD
58 IH058 Marpol 73/78 Consolidated Annex I-VI CON
59 IH059 Oil Record Book Familiarization Course Part 1 ORB1
60 IH060 Oil Record Book Familiarization Course Part 2 ORB2
61 IH061 Oil Tanker Cargo and Ballast Handling Simulator OTCBHS
62 IH062 Port State Control Inspection Course PSCI
63 IH063 Prevention on Illegal Discharge at Sea PIDAS
64 IH064 Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting & Use of ARPA  ROPA
65 IH065 Resilience Training RT
66 IH066 Safe Anchoring SA
67 IH067 Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan SEEMP
68 IH068 Ship Handling and Manuevering SHM
69 IH069 Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) Program SIRE
70 IH070 Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork with BRM  SSBT
71 IH071 Ship to Ship Operations STS
72 IH072 Shipboard Safety Officer SSOC
73 IH073 Simulator Training in Critical Condiitions (Bridge & Engine Simulators) STICS
74 IH074 Steering Course SCO
75 IH075 The Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (2012 Edition ) ECD
76 IH076 Vetting Inspection, Safety for Oil Tanker, Safety Chemical Tanker VEI
77 IH077 Volatile Organic Compounds VOC
78 IH078 Voyage Planning  VOP
79 IH079 Voyage Planning with Chart Correction VPC
80 IH080 Watchkeeping Duties of an OOW during Anchorage 'NEW" WDOA
No. Code Courses Abbr.
1 RC001 Authomatic Radar Plotting Aid Refresher ARF
2 RC002 Bridge Resource Management Refresher  BRRM
3 RC003 Brdige Team Management Refresher  BTR
4 RC004 The Operational use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS Refresher) ER
5 RC005 Engine Resource Management Refresher ERMR
6 RC006 Engine Room Simulator Course Refresher ERSR
7 RC007 Engine Room Simulator with Engine Resource Management ERSERMR
8 RC008 Ship Handling Manuevering Refresher SHR
9 RC009 Shipboard Safety Officer Refresher SOR
No. Code Courses Abbr.
1 ME001 MAN-ME Basic Operation Course MMBOC
2 ME002 MAN-ME General Familiarization Course MMGFC