Established in 2012, NAUTILUS PACIFIC MARITIME TRAINING CENTER INC was conceived to provide and deliver quality training for the Filipino seafarers.
State of the art TRANSAS Engine Simulator fully integrated with TRANSAS Bridge Simulator 5000NT PRO
NPMTCI firmly believes in value formation of a world class seafarer though high standards of training and education.
Reflective of its pioneering and innovative spirit, NPMTCI distinguished itself among the most trusted maritime training center in the country being the first to offer training program using the most advance Engine Simulator available in the market today
State of the art TRANSAS Liquid Simulator fully integrated with TRANSAS Bridge and Engine Simulator


  • Advanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations  "NEW"
  • Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations  "NEW"
  • Advance Training in Fire Fighting  ''NEW"
  • Basic Training (Emergency First Aid, Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, Personal Safety & Social Responsibility) ''NEW"
  • Basic Training (Refresher/Updating)  ''NEW"
  • Consolidated MARPOL 73/78 (Consolidated)
  • Dangerous Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes (Hazmat-DHHC)
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System w/ the use of  Transas 4000 Simulator IMO model 1.27 (ECDIS GENERIC)
  • Engine Room Simulator (ERS) "NEW"
  • Proficiency in Handling Free-fall Lifeboat 
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat 
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat (Refresher)  
  • Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting & Use of ARPA with the use of Transas NT PRO 5000 Simulator (ROPA)
  • Radar Simulator Course (RSC)
  • Ratings Forming Part of Navigational Watch (Deck Watch Keeping)  
  • Rating Forming Part of Engineering Watch (Engine Watch Keeping) 
  • Seafarers with Designated security duties and Security Awareness Training
  • Ship Security Officers (SSO)


  • Ecdis JRC Specific                       - JAN-901B/701B/2000/901M/901/701B  
  • Ecdis JRC Specific                       - JAN-9201/7201 
  • Ecdis TRANSAS Specific              - Transas Navi Sailor 4000 
  • Ecdis Navigator Specific              - Intermarine Electronics S.A. 


  •  Ecdis Maris Specific                       - Maris ECDIS 900       
  •  Ecdis Simrad Specific                    - SIMRAD E5024 
  •  Ecdis ChartWorld Specific             - ChartWorld eGlobe G2 
  •  Ecdis Imtech Specific                    - IMTECH SeaGuide 
  •  Ecdis Martek Specific                    - Martek Marine iECDIS 
  •  Ecdis Consilium Specific               - Consilium ECDIS G2 
  •  Ecdis SAM Specific                       - SAM Electronics ECDISPILOT Platinum 
  •  Ecdis NG Sperry Marine Specific   - NG Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT 5 
  •  Ecdis Seven Cs Specific                - CEACT/ORCA River 
  •  Ecdis ChartWorld Specific             - ChartWorld eGlobe 
  •  Ecdis ChartWorld Specific             - ChartBrowser 
  •  Ecdis SAM Specific                       - SAM Electronics CHARTPILOT 
  •  Ecdis Raytheon Specific                - Raytheon Anschütz ECDIS 
  •  Ecdis Consilium Specific               - Consilium S-ECDIS (Standard-ECDIS) 
  •  Ecdis Consilium Specific               - Consilium ECDIS ("Selesmar" ECDIS)  
  •  Ecdis Kelvin Hughes Specific        - Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital ECDIS 
  •  Ecdis FURUNO                                - FMD 3100/3200/3300        
  • Ecdis Danelec                                - DM ECDIS 800 & 700 v. 3.xx 
  • Ecdis TOTEM +                               - Totem Ecdis Specific                                               


  • Accident/Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis
  • Advance Training for Ship Operating in Polar Waters  "NEW"
  • ARPA, Bridge Teamwork & Search & Rescue "NEW"
  • Ballast Water Management Convention 2004 "NEW"
  • Ballast Water Treatment System (in Engine Room Simulator) 'NEW"
  • Basic Operations in Log Carriers
  • Basic Training for Ship Operating in Polar Waters 'NEW"
  • Basic Electronics "NEW"
  • Benefit Software Training (7 Modules) 'NEW"
  • Bilge Waste Oil Management
  • Bunkering Operation and Procedures
  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Bridge Team Management
  • Cargo Care & Handling 'NEW"
  • Coal Cargo Care & Handling 'NEW"
  • Chart Correction
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Company/Ship Security Officer (C/SSO)
  • Crude Oil Washing and Inert Gas System
  • Culture Diversity 'NEW"
  • Cyber Security Awareness 'NEW"
  • Dangerous Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes with CFR
  • Electropneumatics 'NEW"
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System - Specific
  • Electrotechnology "NEW"
  • Energy Conservation and Slow Steaming
  • Explosion Proof Equipment "NEW"
  • Enclosed Space & Emergency Escape Breathing Devices "NEW"
  • Familiarization on 2020 IMO Fuel Sulphur Cap Course "NEW"
  • Free Fall Lifeboat Familiarization & Coxswain 
  • Gas Measurement and Tank Atmosphere Evaluation
  • Grain Cargo Care & Handling 'NEW"
  • Instrumentation & Automation
  • International Safety Management for ratings
  • Polar Code/New ICE Navigation "NEW"
  • IMO Model Course 6.09 
  • IMO Model Course 6.10 
  • ISO 9001-2008 
  • ISO 14001-2015: Implementation & Awareness 'NEW"
  • Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator Course 'NEW"
  • Management of Change
  • Management of Change and Maritime Leadership
  • Marine Instrumentation & Automation "NEW"
  • Marine Refrigeration & Airconditioning "NEW"
  • Marine Risk Assessment
  • Maritime Labour Convention 2006
  • Maritime Leadership
  • Maritime Leadership & Teamwork
  • Marine Pollution Prevention 'NEW"
  • Oil record Book I & II Courses
  • Port State Control Inspection
  • Prevention Of Illegal Discharge at Sea 'NEW"
  • Safe Anchoring
  • Ship handling and Manuevering Course
  • Shipboard Safety Officer
  • Ship Simulator and Bridge Teamwork with BRM
  • Ship to Ship Operations 'NEW"
  • Steering Course
  • Simulator Training in Critical Conditions (Bridge & Engine) 'NEW"
  • Vetting Inspections, Safety for Oil Tanker, Safety Chemical Tanker
  • Voyage Planning
  • Voyage Planning with Chart Correction
  • Watchkeeping Duties of an OOW during Anchorage "NEW"


ARPA Refresher
BRM Refresher
BTM Refresher
ECDIS Refresher
ERM Refresher
ERS Refresher
Marine Risk Assessment Refresher
Shipboard Safety Officer Refresher
Ship Handling and Manuevering Refresher